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-- WHO WE ARE --

DCI Development Company

DCI Development Company has been involved in most every type of real estate development. With experience in the Midwest, Las Vegas, California, Florida and the Caribbean, DCI Development Company has the experience and knowledge to make your next commercial real estate development a success. 

Our executives and associates have "been there and done that" in most every area in the commercial real estate world.

DCI Capital Corp.

DCI Capital Corp is the financial arm of the DCI Companys.  

We utilize our own private investment monies as well as institutional funds to finance other projects that we deem worthy.  We make our own decisions, we fund our own money, and we fund projects that others simply wont or cant.

Our main criteria is very simple:

  1.  is it a good project

  2. would we, can we, finish this project to                    success if the client fails. 

Makes our decisions pretty simple, and we like simple.

DCI Investment Trust

DCI Investment Trust is the investment arm of the DCI Companys.  

We provide investors the opportunity for alternative investments with high safe returns. 

We often have investment opportunities in specific projects as well as general investments in our various funds.

Our investments  offer higher returns then many investments and are ALWAYS backed by value of real estate.

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DCI Consulting Partners

DCI Consulting Partners offer the experise of all our disciplines to help clients achieve success in their real estate ventures.

Often our review of their project helps them to gather focus on how to get to the next step or all the way to the finish line.

Whether you need help with any aspect of real estate development or you need some assistance on how to finance a project, we have experience professionals to help you achieve success.

Your BRIDGE to commercial real estate SUCCESS
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